Back to Back with the Back Nodger

Back Nodger

Back in the day, I used to get a merit mark and a badge at the end of every school term for good deportment and posture. I know, Little Miss Goody Two Shoes. Fast forward a fair few years and I’m not sure I’d get the badges anymore.

Hunched over a computer, or ear attached to the phone for most of the day doesn’t do wonders for my back and posture. Add to that the interminable driving for three children and a husband (I’m the unofficial taxi service) and the the bad posture hours soon rack up. The end result? Shoulders up to my ears (tell me I’m not the only one?), back ache, knots that need un-knotting and just bad back health.

Back Nodger 2

The Back Nodger

So I’m taking my back into my own hands, so to speak. Instead of relying on the husband to niggle out the knots, I’ve got myself a Back Nodger. Sounds completely mad, but hear me out. This ingeniously simple (and totally addictive) little tool works on the principles of Shiatsu (or acupressure) and reaches all those hard to reach places, easing knots and muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and back, all without having to call in any massage favours! It’s so simple to use, it’s almost child’s play, so it’s great for me when my mind is totally distracted by my work, as long as I always use two hands on the handle – one to control it, one to apply pressure.

And voila! A knot-free back! And just think of all the money I’m saving on not going out for a massage. So next time I’m pontificating the merits of yet another lipgloss or eye cream and the back is yelling out for attention, you can guess what I’ll be doing!


The Back Nodger, £299.99, available here


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