If you’re anything like me, you have literally a drawer-full of brushes collecting dust that hardly ever see any action. So I’ve been rationalising my collection down to the ones I really need, use and couldn’t do my hair without.

MOP PADDLE BRUSH BeautyPassionistaHairWeek

MOP Paddle Brush2 BeautyPassionistaHairWeek

The Paddle Brush – Every girl should have one of these. Perfect for brushing through wet hair, great for brushing out a style, great for blow-drying hair straight and sleek… there’s not much this little beauty can’t do. I’ve tried a few, and although my Philip Kingsley Paddle Brush was an absolute fave for the longest time, it needed replacing. So I went back to my first love, the mop Paddle Brush – in fact, I now have three of them around the house, so much do I love this brush!

Richard Ward Shine Angel Radial Brush BeautyPassionistaHairWeek

Richard Ward Shine Angel Radial BeautyPassionistaHairWeek

The Radial Brush – I’ve tried soooo many brushes to help get a curl with no frizz in my hair, and until I found these ones, the Moroccan Oil brushes were my faves – you’d often find me with six brushes just hangin’ out in my hair during a DIY blow-dry. But since I found the Richard Ward Shine Angel Brushes, I haven’t looked longingly at another brush. Lightweight and easy to hold (so important when drying long hair), the brush head has a mix of natural boar bristles and ionic nylon bristles that never get tangled up in the hair. But best of all, I can really see a difference in the frizz levels – job done.

Paul Mitchel Sculpting Brush 413 BeautyPassionistaHairWeek

The All-Rounder – Since I started using this little beauty, I won’t be without it. I’ll even make sure to travel with it (and I’m usually very lazy with my hair on holiday!). Small but beautifully formed, the Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush is great on detangling wet hair, for bushing out a style or curls, and makes a great little blow-dry brush.

SS Professional Backcombing Brush BeautyPassionistaHairWeek

The Backcomber – So my first foray into backcombing resulted in an almighty birds nest that took beyond forever to get out. So I’m now a convert to concept of back brushing as opposed to back combing. Any of my radial brushes will do the job admirably (holler if you’d like me to show you how) but when I’m getting serious, it’s the Kent LBC3 Back Combing Beechwood Hairbrush that comes out to play. I couldn’t find it for the photo (“someone” has obviously stolen it!) so I’ve replaced it with this little beauty, the SS Professional Backcombing Brush that I picked up from Sally’s. To see how to use this, head on over to this week’s second video (click here) for a little tutorial on getting height and volume without a birds nest in sight.

And I couldn’t write you about my favourite brushes without a mention for my all-time hero, my Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush. Shooting straight to top place in the hair hall of fame since the very first time I used it, I’ve since bought three, as gifts, as backups…any excuse! Basically, it’s a salon blow-dry right in the palm of your hand, my fail-safe hair hero when I just can’t get my traditional blow-dry techniques into gear, and the quickest was to “look like you just stepped out of a salon”. Let me know in the comments below if you fancy a tutorial on how I use it.

Anything else you think my hair drawer needs? Hit me up in the comments below!



Philip Kingsley Paddle Brush, here

mop Paddle Brush, here

Moroccan Oil Radial Brushes, here

Richard Ward Shine Angel 53mm & 60mm Radial Brush, here & here

Paul Mitchel 413 Sculpting Brush, here

Kent LBC3 Back Combing Beechwood Hairbrush, here

SS Professional Backcombing Brush, here

Bablyliss Big Hair Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush, here


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  1. Nicola
    23 July 2014 / 9:27 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more about the Babyliss Big Hair- I was introduced to it by a friend a year or so ago and it truly has transformed me into a groomed swishy haired thing- not the wild Woman of Borneo of before!

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