Touche by Flavien Oil Serum

Indian girls know the power of hair oils. We’ve been brought up with them, literally. Once a week, without fail, a palmful of oil is massaged into the hair and scalp, left on overnight and washed out the next day. If you’re really unlucky, you’ll be wearing the oil for a week, in between hair washes.

Traditionally, coconut oil is the emollient of choice. But it’s never been the right one for me. My hair has never been that thick glossy, fizz free mane that I always associate with Indian hair (blame the Bollywood movies); my sister was the one blessed with that. My hair has always been a little frizzy, a little too wavy for my liking and it just never took to coconut oil. Too thick, too rich, I’m not sure, but it always left my hair feeling wiry rather than soft and manageable. So the search for the perfect oil continued. And I’ve tried them all, believe me!

Touche Flavien Oil Serum

Touche Flavien Oil Serum Neem Amla Prickly Pear

Finally, I’ve found an oil that does just what I want it to do. Touché by Flavien’s Oil Serum is light enough to not weigh my hair down, but intensely moisturises, nourishes and conditions, leaving me with the hair I dream of. The main ingredient, Prickly Pear Oil, is like a wonder oil. Think of it as argan oil, but supercharged; double the amount of fatty acids, fibre and protein, very rich in vitamin E and high in moisture. Neem Oil moisturises and soothes the scalp, smoothes, strengthens and silk-ifies (is that a word?) the hair strand. And Amla Oil, with its anti-inflammatory properties, is intensely nourishing. A small dose of Sesame Oil is healing, Ginger Oil stimulates the scalp to encourage hair growth and Vitamin E Oil, as you already know, is a great conditioner for both skin and hair. Of course, if you’ve seen my May Favourites video (click here to watch), you’ll already have seen me rave about this oil.

Effectively, Flavien has blended the top hair oils used for generations in India to make a formula that’s pleasant to use and gets results. No surprise there, as Flavien is a huge fan of the “hair care starts with scalp care” school of thought. I’m a huge fan of his products and his ethos – you can read about the time I met him here.

It’s so potent oil that I literally just work a few drops directly into my scalp, using the little pipette, and work it throughout the hair to my mid-lengths and ends an hour before I wash my hair – although I prefer to leave it on overnight if I have the time. 

It’s like a magic formula for hair. Sold.


Touché by Flavien Oil Serum, here


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