By Terry Skincare Comforting Balm Cleanser Clarifying Comfort Toner Cellularose Nutri-Pure Hydra-Toner

You know those mornings when you wake up feeling a little delicate (not self-inflicted, I might add!) when only the gentlest of skincare will do? Yup, today I had one of those mornings so I reached for my By Terry Cellularose Nutri-Pure Comforting Balm Cleanser and Cellularose Hydra-Toner Clarifying Comfort Toner. Just saying the (excessively long) names alone is like a hug for the skin, and the signature rose scent in both the cleanser and toner is so…well, comforting.

By Terry Cellularose Comforting Balm Cleanser_Snapseed

The balm cleanser is literally like a luxurious cream that deep cleanses, moisturises and refreshes the skin. If you’re not a fan of the oil cleansers that are so popular right now, then look this way – I think this might be THE ONE for you – it gives you the same cleansing and moisturising results without the oiliness of oils. And it’s the most delicate shade of ballerina pink – yay!

The toner is fabulous little pink powerhouse in a bottle. Alcohol-free, packed with skin brightening antioxidants, super hydrating and scented with roses, it does all the things I want from a toner. My only gripe is that I have to splash it on with my hands and I’m a bit of a spritz gal, so I’ll be decanting this into a little spritz bottle, making sure to keep my eyes firmly shut when I spray! It’s also works a treat as a great spritz-on pick-me-up during these long hot days.

And did I mention that they’re beautifully pink? Now, for a minimalist like myself, where everything needs to be white or off-white, I’ve surprised myself how in love with the packaging I am! 

I’m pretty sure you’ll see both these crop up in one of my forthcoming Favourites Video, so make sure you’re subscribed HERE for the full review that is to come, and I’m hoping to get my paws on the Cleansing Oil, so check back for a review of that too!


By Terry Cellularose Nutri-Pure Comforting Balm Cleanser, £42, from September, here

By Terry Cellularose Hydra-Toner Clarifying Comfort Toner, £40, from September, here

By Terry  Cellularose Cleansing Oil, £42, from September, here



  1. Sophie Gusone
    August 8, 2014 / 10:37 am

    Hi Ambarina,

    Soooo nice By Terry products….i really want them all !!

    Could send me their ingredient list please to check if they’re safe or not for my sensitive skin ??

    Kind regards,


  2. October 20, 2014 / 11:56 pm

    thanks for the great review

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