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The nights are getting hotter. And for me, that can only mean one thing. Broken sleep. Which leads to bad mornings. Which leads an irritable Ambarina…ggrrrrr! I’ve been using silk pillowcases for ages to make sure I get the beauty part of my beauty sleep sorted, but recently, I’ve been going the whole way along the silk route to ensure a good night’s sleep. After all, more is more, right?

Holistic Silk Pillowcase Yolke Pyjamas

Yolke Pyjamas Holistic Silk Pillowcase Eyemask

Holistic Silk Pillowcase – When my SilkSleep pillowcases bit the dirt (after many, many months of good service, I might add) I thought I’d try another brand. So off I trotted to my girls at Cult Beauty to see what they had in store for us sleep-deprived girlies. And they came up trumps with the Holistic Silk range. Beautifully made, delicate yet sturdy and in the girliest of colours, the pillowcases are super soft and smooth; perfect for ensuring a wrinkle-free sleep and frizz-free bed-head come the morning. Although my bedding is always white, I plumped for the stunning lilac shade to add a little regality to my sleep surroundings.

Holistic Silk Scented Eye Mask – Along with hotter nights, we have the added pleasure of the shorter nights too. I’m super sensitive to sleeping in the light (I must have been a Gina Ford baby – note to self: must check with my mother). So I need an eye mask to block out the offending rays that come shooting through my blackout curtains at 5am. Airline freebies just don’t cut it, especially when I can get a lavender-infused, slightly padded one in a pretty colour (also from Cult Beauty).

Yolke Silk Pyjamas – If a silk pillowcase is going to promote a wrinkle-free face, then perhaps silk pyjamas will give me a wrinkle-free body non? As I said, I’m a great believer in more is more, so these Yolke silk PJs are a cute addition to my bedtime attire. Beautifully finished with delicate piping, this feather print duo (shirt and shorts) keeps me cool at night – and I love the fact that it’s shorts, not a full leg pyjama; I really can’t be doing with all that extraneous material flapping around my legs while I’m trying to sleep. And I might have bought a matching feather-print eye mask to go with the PJs too……

What are your sleep-hungry tips? Send them over my way….ZZZzzzz!


Holistic Silk Pillowcase, £45, here

Holistic Silk Scented Eye Mask, £44.50, here

Yolke Feather Silk Pyjamas, £220, here


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  1. April 6, 2017 / 10:44 am

    I love to sleep with my silk pillowcase and eye mask. Many additional benefits of silk help create the perfect environment for your skin and hair while you sleep, preventing dry skin.

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