The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club

The Fragrance Shop Discover Club

I just love a good sniff, don’t you? Of course I’m talking perfumes, fragrance, scent – call it what you will, I just don’t feel dressed without it. I blame my mother; she would never step out of the house before spritzing herself with her favourite Eau de Parfum…and I’ve inherited that from her.

Back in her day, there was less choice and let’s face it, the price of a perfume was not as high as it is now. These days, with the average perfume costing somewhere in the region of £35 and up, trying out a new perfume (and not liking it) can be an expensive mistake. The odd squirt from the beauty counters is not enough to know whether you really want to invest your hard earned pennies in a full bottle, never mind the pitfalls of buying perfume online, so I’m currently loving a beauty box offering the chance to sample different perfumes.

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box

Working much like Glossybox or Birchbox, The Fragrance Shop’s Discovery Club is a subscription service that delivers a selection of perfume sample vials every quarter, direct to your door. A selection of male and female fragrances are included, which makes it a great way to try before you buy, (and to test out a new fragrance on a friend before buying them a gift). And I totally love that you get a £5 voucher off every fragrance if you decide to go ahead and buy! Considering the box itself is only £5, you only need to buy one bottle from the selection to get your money back, so it’s kind of a no-risk way to buy perfumes.

It’s a great way to discover new fragrances and rediscover old favourites you’d forgotten about.

You can get all the inside info here


P.S. It’s usually 5 samples per box, but this quarter has an extra 2 tucked away in there, just because!


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