Off topic today, so apologies if you landed here looking for your regular dose of beauty. 

So here’s the deal. Walking back from my gym session to the tube today, I get a wolf whistle and some comment from a passing van driver. Busy checking my messages on my phone, I only just heard it in my subconscious as I carried on walking. Traffic was ultra bad today (blame it on so many roads being closed for the State opening of Parliament), so as I walked on and waited to cross the road, he and his van caught up with me. This time I got “that’s a great pair of t*ts” and a smile. Now, I’m sure he thought he was being complimentary, but really? Haven’t we got past all that now? For heavens sake, this 2014!


Was I wearing anything excessively low cut? No. Was I wearing something really tight and revealing? Well, I was in my tank top, but I was wearing a cardigan and jacket over the tip, admittedly not fastened or closed, but still, I wasn’t parading my shape around and looking for attention. If anything, after a gruelling gym session, I literally just want to crawl home, not be shouting out “look at me”!!
Ultimately, I wasn’t angry, just annoyed. And what it comes down to is this: why does the compliment have to be so body-personal? If I wanted to compliment some random man I’m passing in the street (not that I ever have or would – I’m far too shy for that!) would I tell him “hey, that’s a mighty fine d*ck you have”? Or anything as intimately personal?


Let’s be clear. It’s not that he was speaking to me or complimenting me that got my goat. It’s always nice to told you look nice, whoever is doing the telling. It’s that he thought it was perfectly ok to be so personal, to the point of being vulgar (to my mind anyway), referring to a intimate, covered up part of my body.
What do you think? I’d love to know if you think I’m being a prude or you’d have been annoyed too?





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