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Way back in January, I started on a new fitness and nutrition regime, with two goals in mind. The first was to lose body fat percentage (no surprises there!) and the second, to be able to do pull-ups like the boys. Five months down the line, (including a two-month break due to an annoying  hip flexor injury) and I’m proud to say I can not only do pull-ups, but dips too! And the body fat? Well, I got rid of 4% in the first three months, gained a little back when injured and off training, and I’m back on track again. Onwards and upwards!

In the meantime, there’s a few bits that didn’t make it into my week of Health & Fitness posts (which you can read about here) so here’s a little update for all you gym bunnies out there.

Workout Training Essentials Upbeat

Workout Training Essentials BCAA Reflex Poliquin

Workout Training Essentials Mendill Organic Wipes

Upbeat : I’ve considerably upped my daily protein intake (I’m talking 150g a day!) so anything I eat has to be on point or it’s not included in my daily intake. Upbeat’s new high protein drink is seriously high in protein (20g), low in fat (2g) and weighs in at 149 calories for a 250ml bottle. Obvisouly not for you if your’e cutting out dairy from your diet, but otherwise, this is an easy add-in for a pre or post workout protein shake. The diddy little bottle makes it super portable, easy to chuck into your handbag or gym bag for on-the-go nutrition.

Branch Chain Amino Acids : So I’ve long wondered about these, (Mr H, the fitness freak that he is, has been taking them for quite a while) but it wasn’t until I upped my training regime that tried them. I started with the Poliquin ones (managed to get through two tubs of those!) and now I’m using his! The difference they make is huge, especially if you’re training with weights. Don’t ask me about the science – for once, I’ve not delved into all that. Suffice to say, there are no aches and pains the next day – and I mean none! Taken after each heavy set, they also help me to power through my workout. I wouldn’t dream of working out without them. End. Of.

Mendill Organic Towelettes : As much as I love to jump into the shower immediately after a workout, it’s not always possible – factor in the hour journey back from the Mayfair gym, getting straight into the car and off to meet the other yummy mummies on the school run – and sometimes the shower just has to wait until me and my brood are back home. So the Mendill Towelettes are perfect for a quick wipe to tide me over. With no preservatives, no chemicals, no paragons and no alcohol, these are organic cotton  with pure organic essential oils to scent the towels – I’m talking lavender, eucalyptus, orange, tangerine and lemon. Each one is individually wrapped, easy to pop into the gym bag and beautifully aromatic. Think of these as the champagne and caviar of the moistened towels you get on an aeroplane.

If you’re a gym bunny, I’d love to hear your workout essentials?


Upbeat Protein Drinks, £1.75, here

Reflex Branch Chain Amino Acids, £33, here

Mendill Organic Wipes, £10, here


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