The Nails: Pastels for Brown Skinned Girls

Pastel Nail Colours Butter London Kure Bazaar Priti NYC

Springtime on the nails translates to pastels, non? But for a brown skinned girl like me, it can be difficult to get the shades right. Too light and you’ve chalky looking fingertips. Too bright and you’re tapping into the neon trend without even trying. So here’s my current pick of the crop (although you know me, all that’s likely to change at the drop of a nail file!)

Pastel Nail Colours Butter London Priti NYC Kure Bazaar

Pastel Nail Colours Swatches Butter London Kure Bazaar Priti NYC

Opaque candy floss pink, a perennial favourite of mine. This year’s version is Teddy Girl from Butter London, a brand I’ve surprisingly only just got around to trying, and I can sense the growing addiction already. Easy to apply, not streaky like some light coloured pastel nail varnishes, and that brush! Wide enough to coat the nail in one swipe and dense enough to load up with enough polish so you’re not constantly ‘double-dipping’. Watch this space for more Butter London polish purchases, they’re bound to happen.

Kure Bazaar is a another brand that’s new to me, picked up on a recent mooch around Selfridges (a huge beauty haul video is definitely overdue!) Billed as an “eco-natural formula” (although I’m not exactly sure what that means?) with, apparently, “85 percent of natural origin based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn”, this is called a detox for the nails. Whatever. I love the intensity of the pigment and the long lasting formula, so that enough to get my vote. This beautiful, very wearable lilac is called Fuji.

Priti NYC, another first timer on my tips, is a non-toxic nail polish that is sooooo hot in New York. In fact it’s so ‘natural’ that it’s perfectly safe to use on pregnant women (and no, that’s not me giving out any hints…don’t go getting any ideas!). Alister Stella Gray Rose takes the prize for the unnecessarily longest name for a nail polish that I’ve ever come across, but the creamy orangey peach shade makes the mouthful all worthwhile. Lady of the Dawn is the off-white I’ve spent years looking for. I like it with a single coat for naturally healthy looking nails, but two coats taps into the white nail look without looking like you’ve dipped your nails into a bottle of Tipp-Ex. New shades are already on offer, so expect more colours being featured here soon.

A new base coat (from Butter London) has also made it ‘s way into my stash; Selfridges, you are one very dangerous place! Full review coming soon but a  heads up, so far, I’m loving it.


Butter London Nail Polish, £12, here

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish, £14.95, here

Priti NYC Nail Polish, £9.99, here


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