Le Petiit Olivier Hand Creams

I love me a good hand cream. Rich, luxurious, moisturising, hydrating and plumping. But I don’t always want to spend a ridiculous amount on it… I mean, it’s always getting washed off! So I’m enamoured with this gorgeous little tube from Le Petit Olivier which I discovered recently.

Le Petit Olivier Hand Cream Swatch

It’s super thick, but doesn’t leave a horrible greasy film on the hands which leaves you unable to drive, type or answer your iPhone. It sinks in beautifully to moisturise deeply and still manages to leave a gorgeous sheen on the skin that just makes your hands look super healthy and young. Water and glycerine are the first two ingredients, (with a bit of beeswax thrown in too) so I know that the moisture, once delivered, is going to stay on (and in) the skin for a decent amount of time. And don’t be put off by the inclusion of olive oil; there’s no smell of greenness at all, just a faintly pleasant, fresh floral scent.

Want to know where I picked this up from? Although it originates in the South of France, I stumbled upon it in my local Waitrose on my weekly (uh, almost daily!) shop! At only £4.99 it’s a bit of a bargain that’s easy to replenish.


Le Petit Olivier Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream, £4.99 here


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