Vichy has long been a brand I’ve trusted and turned to. The fact that it’s well priced and easily available *may* have been a factor before I became a skincare junkie and would rely on whatever was easy to get hold of. But recently, Vichy has become less of a stand-by and more of a seek-it-out must-have and their latest launch, the LiftActiv Advanced Filler is a fabulous example of how Vichy is really bringing it to drugstore skincare.

Fine lines and wrinkles (yes, we all have them!) can be one of the most ageing factors in facial appearance. It’s all very well having those laughter lines, and some tiny little ‘crows feet’  lines around the eyes, but it’s those pesky vertical lines (I’m talking frown lines between the eyebrows, those nasolabial lines from nose to mouth and those wrinkles around the mouth) that really age the appearance, making you look worried or sad even when you’re having a good day!

Retinol is a skincare ingredient that many don’t understand, are scared of and quite often, it makes a skincare product so expensive that it takes most worthwhile creams out of the reach of many. Derived from Vitamin A, it’s one of the most powerful anti-wrinkle ingredients on the market. It increases cell prodcution and turnover in the top layers of the skin, so it ‘peps’ up the skin, making it look younger and more vibrant. The postive effect it has on collagen production means skin looks plumper. It can also help to reduce the pigmentation that comes with sun damage. It’s so powerful, over-the-counter skincare companies have to be really careful on how it’s incorporated into their products; retinoic acid creams used to only be available from doctors and dermatologists on prescription. Yes, you can buy OTC creams now that contain retinol, but the concentration is so low as to really be quite ineffective. Add to that some skins are senstive to it, turning red and flaky, and it’s a tricky one to get right.


But… ta dah! The reason I’m so excited is that Vichy has managed to incorporate pure retinol in a complex that allows the highest concentration in a drugstore product, while still caring for the skin and side-stepping the side effects, even for sensitive skin. Yes, of course, there’s the soothing Vichy Thermal Spa Water, but there’s also 0.2% hyaluronic acid to re-plump and hydrate, and 8% glycerin to act as a hydrating emollient, along with soya oil comfort sensitive skin.

It’s too early to give you feedback on my full results as I’ve just been using it for the last two weeks, but here’s what I can tell you. I’ve had no reactions (my sometimes sensitive skin has an unfortunate way of telling me if it doesn’t like something by going into full contact dermatitis mode!) and it’s extremely comfortable, moisturising and hydrating. I think I’m beginning to see a change on my nasolabial lines, but that could be me looking for what I hope is happening, so I’ll report back in a couple of weeks after I’ve used it for a month. (I’ve been using it nightly, all over the face, bar the eye area, with extra care to use a daily sunscreen).

At £31 for a 50ml tube, this is bringing high-end results-driven skincare to us at an extremely affordable price, which I have to applaud. And while it might not help me in my quest to be a little taller, it’s certainly working its magic on the vertical challenges facing my face!


Psst: It’s currently 1/3 off at Boots, making it a very affordable £20.66!

Vichy LiftActiv Advanced Filler, here


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