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It’s no secret I hate blowdrying my hair. It’s not just because I’m rubbish at it. It’s not just that I spend ages on it and it never looks like it does when I’ve “just stepped out of a salon”. Nope, one of the main reasons is that after having spent all that time and effort on blowdrying and styling my hair, it lasts approximately one day. And that’s if I’m lucky.

Hair Mousse Samy Charles Worthington

Charles Worthington Hair Mousse

So I’m now wondering why I haven’t bothered using mousse before. I’m actually a bit lazy on the product usage front when it comes to blowdrying my hair, most probably because I just want to get the damn thing over with. But recently, I’ve been a little bit better. Heat protection is a must, as is a hair oil to keep the moisture in. If you fancy seeing what I use, take a look at my hair styling video here. Even more recently, I’ve graduated on from hair protection products to regular use of hair styling products and let me tell you, I’m blown away. A simple addition of the white stuff before switching on that hair dryer and I’m such a happy bunny…. what a difference a mousse makes!

Hair Mousse

Hair Mousse curls

Hair Mousse curls 2

Now I know it’s not news to most of you out there but to me, a hair styling phobe, it’s literally changed my life. Just a blob of this combed through the hair before drying leaves my locks with noticeably less frizz, a heck of a lot more volume, hold that’s out of this world and curls that stay for days (I’m talking at least four days). So here’s a round up of my current three faves – prepare yourself for a mega-rave!

BEST FOR CURLS – Charles Worthington Salon Shine Results Curl Perfector Mousse: I tend to use this through the mid-lengths to ends to really hold the curl  – it works beautifully to really emphasise the layers and doesn’t feel crunchy or crispy.

BEST FOR VOLUME – Scandalous Voluptuous Boost Volumising Mousse: Smells a bit like men’s shaving foam, but if you can get over that, then this is a great little mousse to add volume. I’ll always start at the roots with this one, taking it down to the tips for all over hold, shine and volume.

BEST FOR ALL-OVER GLAM – Samy Icing Instant Re-Styler: Don’t even ask me where I got this from (I’ll try and find a link for you though!), but this is just ah-maze-ing! Just like spraying icing all over your hair, this works beautifully for all over volume, hold, bounce, shine and glam hair – can you tell I love this one to pieces? And not just because I get so many compliments whenever I use this one…..!

So that’s the mousse magic that working wonders on my barnet – literally making me fall in love with my hair again! Any others I should try? Let me know!

Charles Worthington Salon Shine Results Curl Perfector Mousse, £5.99, here

Scandalous Voluptuous Boost Volumising Mousse, £15.15 for 2 cans, here

Samy Icing Instant Re-Styler Mousse & Hairspray all-in-one, £6.29, here



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