Especially Escada Elixir

I’m not normally a girl to change up her perfumes too often. Once I find one (or two) that I like, I tend to be quite loyal, repurchasing when I run perilously low and sticking to what I love. But just once in a while, along come a scent that it’s hard to ignore. Escada’s Especially Elixir is the third reworking of the original from way back in 2011. This intense, heady version of  the scent combines rose, pear, grapefruit, along with plums and Madagascar vanilla – all sounding good enough to eat – while the patchouli and amber give the scent the warmth and muskiness that I’m always drawn to.

Especially Escada Elixir 2

I’ve had so many compliments when I wear this that although this is not a new one, I just have to make this my spring scent. The undeniably glamourous looking bottle is a bit of a current of obsession of mine too!

What’s your spring scent of choice?


Especially Escada Elixir Eau de Parfum 50ml, £40, here


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