Alpha H Liquid Gold Eye Complex Balancing Cleanser

I’ve long heard all the accolades lauded on the skin aficionados’ favourite, the all-hallowed Liqiud Gold, but I’d never really tried it myself, so my natural curiosity took over: in the spirit of spring cleaning, I’ve been trying the Alpha-H 7 day Challenge to see if I could see a difference in the appearance and condition of my skin within the space of a week.

The story behind the Alpha-H range and it’s founder, Michelle Doherty, is both awe-inspring and heart warming – it’s really worth a google. Born out of a need to create an effective, efficient yet (all importantly) affordable skin care range for  her own problem skin (you’d never know it now if you saw her), Alpha-H is now the go-to brand for men and women for instant visible results  – be it open pores, sun damage or blemishes.

Alpha H Balancing Cleanser Aloe Vera

I’m already a huge fan of the Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera – anything that takes off ALL my makeup (I’m talking heavy eye makeup and even waterproof mascara) in one fell swoop is always going to get this lazy girl’s vote! Super creamy, almost moisturising in it’s own right, and soothing (must be that aloe vera), I massage it in all over the face, eyes and neck and wipe off with a hot wet flannel; my staple one is still the Emma Hardie Microfibre cloth. It doesn’t even need to be followed by a toner – double lazy girl stars!

Alpha H Eye Complex

Call me cynical, but I’ve always gone for cream over serum for my eye care – my recent love, the Sensai Eye Cream (here) is super moisturising for my dry eye area. But in the spirit of the thing, I decided to go cold turkey on the eye cream and use only the Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex morning and night, thinking I might have to supplement the serum at night with the cream. But I’m pleased to report that the serum on its own has given me all the hydration I need – applied in the morning, the under-eye area remains fully moisturised 10 hours later! Dark circles will always be the bane of my life, but I can see a noticable difference in my fine lines and most importantly, the dreaded puffiness. You could safely say I’m having a little love affair with this right now!

Alpha H Liquid Gold

The undeniable star of the range, the Liquid Gold is the one I approached with a little trepidation. It’s a mild glycolic peel – a clear liquid that is swept over the face on a cotton wool pad, overnight on alternate nights. It can be followed up with a night cream, but for a more intense treatment, it’s worn on its own. I’m happy to say there was no need for me to tread lightly – it’s literally like have an overnight facial. Even after one use, I was looking in the mirror at a more radiant, “alive looking” skin that felt nourished, plump, soft and smooth. Overnight resurfacing? Yes sir! It’s literally like having a facialist work on your skin while you’re sleeping. The gycolic action gently lifts away dead skin cells, the liquorice extract brightens and silk proteins (actually quite an expensive product) work hard to retain moisture.

And the best part? By day 7, I was being chatted up by a couple of 18-year old boys (although very flattered, I very quickly put them straight and told them I have a twelve year old child!). And Mr H keeps telling me that I’m looking like a little girl!

If you fancy trying this out, the three full size Alpha-H hero products (worth £91) are going to be on a reduced special offer on QVC (UK) for 24 hours on Monday 24th February (what they call their TSV – Today’s Special Value). And with their 30 money-back guarantee, there’s really nothing to lose.

Detox. Spring Clean. Overhaul. It’s time to get your skin in on the action.



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