Louise Young Brushes

Ya’ll know I’m already in love with the Louise Young Essential Palette (here) for the colours and the quality of the eyeshadows. I also fell head over heels in love with the brush that came with the palette – perfect for both defining and smoking-out. So to have a whole set of her brushes is like all my birthdays come at once!

Louise Young Brushes (close-up)

Louise Young Brushes (close-up-shot)

LY34 – Super Foundation Brush: My favourite of the bunch is the Foundation Brush (far left), which has nudged my Real Techniques Buffing Brush quietly to one side (never thought I’d say that about any brush!). It’s firm, fully packed yet gentle and does a beautiful job of smoothing liquid foundation over skin to give an absolutely flawless, ethereal finish. The synthetic hair makes it easy to keep clean (post coming soon on how I wash my brushes) and it’s just so darn good I may have to invest in the mini version for contouring and cream blush.

LY38 – Tapered Shadow Brush: Next up is this fabulous natural hair tapered brush: supersoft, super tapered, tailor-made for crease work and blending for a soft finish. This is going to be perfect for the soft, feminine, pretty pretty pastel Spring look that’s coming our way.

LY38B – Tapered Shadow Brush: So this is the above brush after it’s been on a mega-strict diet! A slimmer version of LY38, it’s perfect for blending out a deeper socket colour when you want to keep the colour where it is and don’t want to blend out too much… you know what I mean.

LY13 – Mini Socket Brush: Almost like a pencil brush, this tightly packet natural hair brush is great for more detailed work – think highlighting the inner corner of the eye, smudging out a pencil liner under the eye and of course, applying socket and crease colour. One of my all time faves from the collection!

LY24 –  Fine Eyeliner Sable: Did you ever see an eyeliner brush so fine? Thin enough for the feline flick perfectionist in you, yet strong and firm enough for precise definition. This, my friends, is the eyeliner brush you’ve been waiting for. And the perfect partner for the stars of tomorrow’s post…. stay tuned!



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