Is it just coincidence that on the day I turn another year older, (yup, birthday today folks) QVC’s TSV is all about anti-ageing skincare? Or am I just paranoid? In any case, I postively need to let you little beauty bunnies know about this – I can’t keep skincare goodies like this to myself, it just wouldn’t be fair. I’m all for an even playing field and all that!


So here’s the run down. for 24 hours, from midnight till midnight, on January 8th, QVC (UK) and StriVectin present a very specially priced trio collection of their anti-ageing must haves. The set features an Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles Face & Body Cream, a fabulous repair cream for stretch marks, wrinkles and ageing skin. The stars of the show, as far as I’m concerned, though, are the two overnight facial products, including one which is new-new-new! Love a new thing – I’m such a skincare magpie!

The Advanced Overnight Resurfacing Serum gently exfoliates to improve skin tone and texture, softening the epidermal layer by stimulating skin renewal and dissolving dead skin cells for radiant, brighter skin when you wake up.

And ta dah! Presenting the NEW Advanced Retinol Night Cream. This is the first night time moisturiser from StriVectin. This new launch targets deep-set wrinkles firmness, skin tone, texture and radiance. While you get your beauty sleep, it deeply hydrates and moisturises. The Retinol (Vitamin A) is boosted by the patented NIA-114  (Niacin – Vitamin B) molecule to works as hard as a stronger concentration would but without the irritating side effects.

I’ve been trying this out for the past week and I’m pleased to say I love the results. With all the problems I’ve been having with the skin around my eyes (thankfully seeing a consultant dermatologist this week – yay!) I was a little nervous to try something that might exacerbate the problems but thankfully, this is super-effective skincare, with all the science you could hope for thrown at it, without any  of the inflammatory side effects. And even better, independent clinical trials have shown over 80% of women saw an improvement in skin softness and smoothness.  You can put me in there too!

Want to know how I use this triumvirate? After thoroughly cleansing and toning (more of that soon to come on my YouTube channel), I’ll use a couple of drops of the Overnight Resurfacing Serum and then the Advanced Retinol Night Cream at night. Come morning, again, cleanse, tone and then the Intensive Concentrate Cream for the day. Oh, and don’t forget the sun protection!

And the best bit? Instead of costing £189 clever girls will be snapping this up for just £91 until Wednesday midnight.

Will you be one of them?

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