T Le Clerc Nail Varnish

I’m desperately wishing this horrible weather away, looking forward to the spring’s new colours and trends. But when all is grey and dull outside, as Spring drags its heels in getting itself into gear, a pastel nail just won’t cut it, no matter how optimistic I may be. Yet those gorgeous deepest darkest blackest plums no longer seem season appropriate.

So I’m ratcheting it up with a bit of variety, with a bit of T. Le Clerc. Famous for its iconic loose face powders, it’s not a brand I’ve ever thought to turn to for my nails. But all that changed when I swiped the first nail when the deliciously named Framboise, the perfect berry red, fell into my lap. The perfect brush to lay down the right amount of colour – width and volume. One coat is all it took for this lush, look – what you see above is one coat, no top coat – super glossy and dries so fast! Full marks to this berry-hued beauty.

T Le Clerc Framboise Vert Electrique

T Le Clerc Vert Electrique

The metallic green, aptly named Vert Electrique, was less well behaved. Two coats for this shimmering shade are mandatory, as you’d expect, so not too many points deducted there. Drying time was considerably longer, again, as you’d expect with two coats. Add these two minus points together, though, and I’m afraid this is not one that I’ll be turing to again too often.

Framboise, however, is a different story… straight to the top of the class! You and I are about to to become very best friends!

P.S. I know T.Le Clerc is not the easiest brand to get hold of, so you if you fancy getting your mitts on this, go to My Showcase (link here)and when you register on the site, make sure to name me (Ambarina Hasan) as your stylist when prompted)

Happy shopping!


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