I’m nothing if not a lash girl. Give a girl the right mascara (and the right pair of shoes) and she can conquer the world. At least, that’s my mantra. So I *may* have more than a few mascaras than is strictly necessary. 

In a bid to make sense of the huge mascara stash filling up my beauty drawers, here’s a little video showcasing some of my favourite ones, from drugstore to high-end. I’ve even gone cold turkey and not worn any mascara for the video (shock, horror). Stay tuned till the end to see the fab new mascara I’m currently loving, the difference it makes to my lashes and…. a giveaway! Together with those lovely girls at Cult Beauty, we are giving one lucky YouTube viewer the chance to try out the lash-loving Magnetic Mascara that is changing the way we dress our lashes! You can find all the details for competition entry HERE. (Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel to enter HERE and leave me a comment below the video to let me know you’ve entered).



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