The Nails: New Year’s Eve Bling with CHANEL and Bourjois

Party outfits at the ready, it’s New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re up for a big night out, or keeping it low key at home, what better excuse for a bit of bling on the nails? This year, I’m going metallic with a twist.
I’m a sucker for rose gold anything, be it my Alexander Wang Rocco bag, my Michael Kors watch or my iPhone case… you name it, it’s got rose gold all over it! So one of my favourite colours from Chanel just had to be Delight, a beautiful, shimmering, almost ethereal pinky gold which I always turn to when I’m in party mode. To give that edge (pun intended, haha!), I’ve added a silver accent courtesy of Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel It’s Raining Stars #39 polish to give it a bit of a French manicure effect.
What do you think? Are my nails New Year’s party worthy? And what’s adorning your hands tomorrow night?


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