After waxing lyrical about my favourite mascaras (here) it seems only fair that I should update on my latest lash-lengthening obsession discovery. I’m so done with mascaras that either lengthen or curl or volumise or are smudge / budge-proof – what’s a girl to supposed to do? Cocktail them everyday for the look I lust after? Who’s got time for that?

Sensai’s 38ºC Volumising Mascara belies its name and ticks all a lash-lover’s boxes with none of the faff. (I may have waved my Shu Uemura curlers at my peepers in advance). It does all of the above with minimal fuss (I’m talking one coat does the trick) with the added whammy of being super black too. No wishy washy almost-black greyish-black to rain on your parade here. And while we’re on the subject of rain, come rain or shine, this one ain’t going anywhere until you decide to take it off. They say using warm water alone (hence the 38ºC in the name) will gently remove the mascara – little tubes of black will slip off your lashes. In my experience, only oil based eye makeup removers need apply here.


This little black tube, £23, is currently hot on the heels of my other favourite, the (slightly cheaper) d.j.v beautenizer mascara, (here). At £5 more, (and a whole hundred pennies cheaper than one of my other favourites, the Santhilea Magnetic Mascara, here) it’s going to be interesting to see which one goes on the repurchase list in due course. Meanwhile, it’s a fair bet to say this is what’ll be keeping my eyes beautifully framed come New Year’s Eve. I’ll keep you posted.


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