CHANEL Holiday Haulin’ – Ombres Matelassées De Chanel Palette

No, I most certainly did not need yet another smokey eye palette. In fact, I really really didn’t need another  neutral palette at all. But when it comes to CHANEL, all definitions of need are utterly redundant. It’s all about want, desire and have-to-have! Add a limited edition element into the mix and I’m a gonna.

Thankfully the Limited Edition Ombres Matelassées de Chanel palette in Charming doesn’t fail to disappoint and it’s no surprise to anyone it’s almost sold out at Chanel counters around the country.  Five beautiful creamy shadows, sublimely matched with each other for a perfect palette; although I’ll admit there are no ground breaking shades here (apart from the one on the far right, but I’ll come to that one later) – you’ve probably got similiar shades hanging around at home and yet, it’s the combo of shades (and, let’s face it, the fact that it’s Chanel!), that makes this so desirable. 

˙A satin golden-vanilla, perfect for a under-the-brow bone highlight for us darker skinned girls (not chalky whiteness here).
˙A satin café-au-lait beige perfect for sweeping over the whole eyelid. 

˙A subtle brown glitter, indispensable for adding that Christmas party-feel. (Watch out for the inevitable fall-out that glitters impart, but it’s nothing a little extra careful blending can’t take care of. That and a tissue held under the eye on the cheekbone!)

˙A matte dark brown, that thing that Chanel does SO well, to add crease definition, smoking it out and line the eyes.

˙And did you check out that last one, hiding away in the right hand corner? A beautiful, taupey, plumy, browny greyish melange that sets this palette far and away from any other you may have. For night time drama, a hint of this colder shade in the crease really makes brown eyes pop.

At £48, it’s not something you just pop into the shopping basket without giving it a second thought. But if you’re a bit of a Chanel addict (er, guilty as charged), you’ve probably already got your manicured mitts on this one. And if not, fingers crossed it’s waiting for you under the Christmas tree this year! (Check out my last minute gift list here).

Oh, and I just *may* have added a couple of lipsticks to my haul when the rational part of me wasn’t looking! Full review of Limited Edition Rouge Allure Velvet in La Precieuse and Rouge Allure in Ambigué if you fancy – just holler in the comment box below.



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