The VIDEO: My Haircare Routine

Since I’ve started putting myself out there on YouTube, one of the most requested videos has been a haircare video. So of course, not wishing to disappoint, I’ve gone ahead and made a couple of videos – the first is now up on my channel and covers what I use to pre-condition, cleanse and condition (yes, again!) 

Pre-Wash Treatments:
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
Michael van Clarke 3 More Inches
HER Haircare Rituals Trecento

Cleanse & Condition:
Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
Sensai Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner
HER Haircare Rituals Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner

There are so many others that I also love, but the video would have gone on for hours, but a few that are worthy of a mention here include the new Concoction range (here) and the gentle Viviscal shampoo & conditioner (here).

The second video will be all about what I use to protect my hair when styling it, which will go up later this week, so do make sure you’re subscribed to my channel (CLICK HERE) to ensure you don’t miss it. Both videos also contain a little sneaky peak at a brand new discovery that I’ve found pretty amazing – I promise it will get a full write up here, and perhaps a special offer for you, my lovely readers, but if you fancy getting ahead (no pun intended!), then make sure to watch the videos!

Click HERE to watch on YouTube, let me know what you think of it in the comments, don’t forget to click the thumbs up for a “like” and subscribe to the channel.



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