If you’re an avid beauty addict, you’ve probably been drooling over the Wayne Goss collection of brushes that launched a short while ago. And unless you were super fast (I’m talking lightening speed) you probably missed out the first time they went on sale – I blame all those pre-orderers! Second time round, and and it was a pretty similiar scenario with those flash-fast fingers hovering over the Love Makeup website as if their lives depended on it. 

Err, I might have been one of those. 

And I’m happy to report it was worth the effort. Although I didn’t manage to get the full set of eight brushes, (I blame my instinctive indecisiveness), I managed to get my paws on 7 of the eight brushes, including the much-lauded Foundation brush. These are a step away from the fabulousness of the synthetic brushes that have taken the beauty world by storm (Real Techniques brushes, I’m talking to you), using natural hair (cruelty-free) throughout the range. Each brush is multitasking, depending on how it’s used. The same brush that contours can be used to blend and diffuse, just by employing a different technique. Lovely guy that Wayne is, he has recorded a short video for each of the brushes, showing how to get the best of each one. So rather than showing you how-to, I think you’ll be better served by watching his videos here.

Brush 01 Foundation
Brush 02 Powder
Brush 03 Large Crease
Brush 04 Medium Crease
Brush 05 Small Crease
Brush 06 Blending
Brush 08 Precision
My favourites? Ooooh, it’s just so difficult to choose. If I had to pick (and thankfully I actually don’t), it would have to be the Foundation brush (No.1) for it’s versatility, the Powder brush (No.2) for being perfect for contouring and blending and the little Precision brush (No.8) for being so so very tiny – perfect for tightlining (pushing liner, shadow or other product right down into the lash line) and for lining under the lower lash line. If you have hooded eyes, this brush is a god-send. I’ve also loved using it as an eyebrow brush – its tiny little size means you can be really precise and “create” natural looking hairs with whichever eyebrow product you’re using. 

The three crease brushes I’ve been playing with are excellent for eyeshadow application and blending – I never thought anything would take the place of my three beloved MAC 217 brushed for blending, but these beauties are definitely giving them a run for their money. Perfect for not only applying eyeshadow, I’ve found their blending capabilities almost magicial – Wayne really knows his stuff; as a classically trained makeup artist with over 15 years experience, he know what works and what doesn’t. Case in point? The tips are never cut, so the brushes are as soft as they could possibly be.

They’re available at Love-Makeup.com – there are a few left, (although not the full range), but you can sign up to be notified when they’ll next be in stock. They’re not cheap, but if you’re in the market to invest in your beauty tools, I’d recommend these in a heartbeat. I’m waiting for Brush No7 to come back into stock….



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