In my last video (which you can watch here) I mentioned my long held penchant for solid perfumes, and it seems I piqued your interest, so I thought I’d run a few of my faves by you, in case you were thinking of investing in a spot of solidity too.

My love for solids was born when I was just a little girl. As an Avon lady back in the day (the love of beauty runs through my blood, dontcha know!), my mother was seriously partial to the little bullets of solid perfumes that also sold immensely well as they seemed to be the thing. Fast forward a few years to my first job in advertising, and I was introduced to the Tocca range of perfumes (and dresses too; perfect work attire, if you’re searching high and low, I highly recommend them). While I loved the design of bottles, they just weren’t practical for me to carry around in my handbag to work everyday, so I used to buy myself a bottle of the Eau de Parfum along with the solid version to spruce up the scent as the day went on. And henceforth, I’ve never been without a solid compact of fragrance rattling around in my bag.

My current favourites include a couple from the Le Soft Perfume range, one from Tocca (mais bien sûr!) and one from Diptyque (mais bien sûr encore!)

Le Soft Perfume is a darling range of solid perfumes that comes with the most incredible pedigree (between them, the two people behind the collection founded Sephora and spent over 20 years at L’Oreal). My summer essential was Copacabana, packed full of some of my favourite florals including Jasmine and Orange Blossom in a nourishing Monoi Butter base. Right now, I’m sniffing Rock, a musky, earthy chypre-based scent, all leathery and cedar woody, in a Shea Butter base, that’s perfect for the winter days (and nights). I just can’t get enough of this and I’m sure I’ll be buying a replacement soon! And did you check out the cool, eco-friendly, cardboard packaging? Yes please!

Tocca solid fragrances are a perennial favourite and these days, I don’t just stick to the same scent in EDP and solid form. So while the bottle that adorns my dressing table is actually in Bianca, (lemon, rose, jasmine, green tea and musk, in case you’re wondering) the solid in my bag is in Cleopatra. No surprises for guessing the main ingredients – I might not be loyal to my fragrance, but I sure am loyal to my ingredients. White jasmine, patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk combine for that heady white flower scent I love so much.

Diptyque’s Eau Duelle needs no introduction to most fragrance lovers, and certainly to Diptyque devotees. It’s one of their spicy orientals and features vanilla, musk and ambergris (see, I told I never stray too far from my loves) but this complex fragrance is interlaced with exotic spices including green cardamom, juniper, saffron and black pepper. And yes, the heavy black engraved case is just another reason why I love this so much. My next one will be  in Volutes…. it’s just a matter of time….

No alcohol or parabens make solids a really clean way to wear your scent, not to mention how much safer they are hanging out in your handbag than a glass bottle.

So, are you a solid or a liquid gal?


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