Any John Barrowman fans out there? Ask a silly question, eh? Singer, dancer, actor, all-round entertainer and super hunky too, John’s been in the entertainment industry for almost  25 years and has  gazillions of fans all over the world.

He’s seen just about all there is to see backstage, including the horrors that abound in makeup and hair, inspiring him to create the nourishing HER Haircare Rituals range which you can read about here and see here. It’s on QVC as a TSV tonight (27th November) from midnight for 24 hours and it’s an amazing deal – £68 value for under £30! It’ll contain the fabulous Trecento treatment (75ml), the full size Shampoo & Conditioner (250ml each) and the Supersize Volumising Powder (20g) – not to be missed!

I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time with John (swoon!) and ask him a little about the new range so I thought I’d be lovely and share it with you here. I’ve even got a fabulous giveaway for you, so grab yourself a cuppa, settle down to have a read and enjoy and make sure you enter the giveaway!

What made you create HER? 
JB: I wanted to give women in the UK better hair – lifestyles today mean that we’re always beating our hair up and often we don’t have the time to reverse the effects of everything we put it through – people have always said I have good hair, and I wanted to help, so I got in touch with Origin Italia and HER was born. When I set my mind to something I always do it. 

Did you have a particular woman in mind? 
JB: The ‘modern woman’, who does everything – she runs her home, her business, her family and has no time to spend three hours a week in a salon chair, but still needs to look good, and quickly. 

Who were your inspirations? 
JB: The women I work with have always given me a huge insight to what their hair goes through, when we’re on set sometimes they’ll have to have it styled three times a shoot! I’ve worked with Joan Collins, Terri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Eve Myles and Victoria Principal – they all have beautiful hair, but I’ve seen what it goes through behind the scenes! 

What does your mum think of the range? 
JB: She loves it! She’s 79 years old and uses it all the time – she has spent her life using hairspray, which can be incredibly damaging, and after only one go of the TRECENTO treatment her hair was replenished and renewed, even after all those years of abuse.

What would you say is your hero product from the range? 
JB: The TRECENTO treatment is my favourite product – I have thick hair and don’t need to increase the volume in my hair, but the TRECENTO treatment transforms my hair in just five minutes, whatever its been through that week; and that I guarantee!

Do you use it yourself? Are there many men also using the range? 
JB: I definitely use it – the shampoo and conditioner are in my shower, the TRECENTO treatment is by the sink, and I know all the men on my team use it and love it. I think men tend to pick up whatever is in the shower, so if you want your man to have great hair leave it in there! 

Any secrets for getting the best out of the range? 
JB: My honest tip would be to use the shampoo and conditioner as well as the TRECENTO treatment – the treatment will work with any shampoo, but together, as a trio they bring out the best qualities in each other and will leave your hair looking and feeling really fantastic. This isn’t sales pitch B.S., I’m telling you the honest truth. 

Spill the beans! What are the worst mistakes you’ve seen women make with their hair?
JB: The two worst styles I ever see on women, that I still don’t understand are backcombing and slicking it back – it looks so severe! I think women should soften their looks, HER haircare rituals with soften your looks. 

Whose hair do you admire the most? 
JB: There isn’t anyone in particular whose hair I admire – but I am enjoying all the new styles for men; structured, messy and very angular. 

What plans for future products from HER?
JB: We have a Nourishing range coming out, which will work perfectly with the TRECENTO treatment, along with a few other exciting developments that I can’t tell you about yet! Watch this space, it’ll all be revealed in 2014. 

Fancy trying out John’s hero product? I have five  tubs of Trecento (75ml) worth £14 each to give away to five lucky readers. All you have to do is tell me in which country the HER Haircare Rituals range is made – you can find the answer here or here.

Leave me your answer in the comments below, and tweet me the following: 

Win one of five @HER_Haircare Trecento Treatments with Beauty Passionista http://bit.ly/1ifu3zc @AmbarinaHasan 

and don’t forget to leave your contact details below. Entries will close at midnight, Sunday 1st December 2013.

Good luck and happy hair!




  1. 27 November 2013 / 2:35 pm

    in Italy by some very handsome Italians… I’m sold too!!

  2. 27 November 2013 / 7:45 pm


  3. 27 November 2013 / 9:27 pm

    Her is made in Italy x

  4. 27 November 2013 / 9:28 pm

    Her is made in Italy x

  5. 30 November 2013 / 2:46 pm

    Made in Italy. And I must say I’m very jealous of your time with Captain Jack…

  6. Anonymous
    30 November 2013 / 3:43 pm

    Like John Barrowman says, in the lovely town of Vincenza in Italy email: ikhouvanmuziek@hotmail.com (I live in the netherlands) @miss_unease

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