While my last couple of skincare posts have been taking the low-key, low-cost approach, there’s no getting away from the fact that hi-tech treatments will always be a part of my skincare arsenal. And when it comes to hi-tech, cutting edge skincare, there’s one name that immediately comes to mind. 111Skin, conveniently located at 111 Harley Street.

When Dr Yannis Alexandrides’ clinic offered me the chance to tryout the Micropen Facial I have to say I was more than a little nervous. I’m very needle averse, too squeamish to have ever tried out the MicroDerma Roller treatment, despite having been offered it on many an occasion, so some serious hand-holding was in order to calm my nerves.

So the main difference between the rather scary looking DermaRoller and this is the angle of the needles. Want the science bit? The new MicroPen delivers serum loaded into tiny little needle tips that penetrate the 2 outer layers of the skin,  (the epidermis and dermis), straight into the skin. A proper 90* angle, so the possibility of “catching” the skin, even slightly, is taken away. The micro-trauma to the skin stimulates the body to produce new elastin and collagen. It’s more controlled and safer than other micro needling devices and the best bit? The length of the needles is so adjustable you can start at a ridiculously miniscule size and build up as you build up your courage (and as you realise it really doesn’t hurt as much as your little inner voice is telling you it might). I’ll let you guess at which end of the scale I started…ahem!

Then it gets to the really pampering part. Dr Yannis, who has specialised in working with wounds and burns for 10 years, has created a Bio Cellulose Mask for some for an intense skin treatment boost. This paper thin gel-sheet mask is applied to the face for a collagen boosting, regenerating, plumping treat; just lie back and let science do its thing. Arbutin, a skin brightener that you’ll see in many Asian skincare products, really makes a difference to the final result. And unlike some other sheet masks, this one really sticks to all the crooks and crevices of your face, and it’s so moisturising, you really don’t need to add any products once it’s removed.

As I skipped out of the clinic, sans makeup, my skin felt stronger, more toned, fortified, and plumper. There was a radiance that had long been lacking and the effects were apparent for at least week. (If I’d gone deeper, there might have a little redness, but nothing too drastic, and no real downtime to speak of).

My only worry is that it could addictive; I know I’ll certainly be going back for more, (you’ll probably see me lurking in the doorway of 111 Harley Street!) and next time, I promise I won’t be such a chicken about the whole thing!


Psssst! If you fancy trying out the mask and leaving out the MicroPen bit, 
you can buy it from the 111Skin website – £20 for one, but much better
 value at £75 for a pack of 5 – perfect for after a long haul flight 
(perhaps not actually on the flight itself, but hey ho, each to their own, I say!)

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  1. 2 November 2013 / 11:06 am

    This sounds really interesting! Love hearing about new treatments and I think the combination of a laser or roller treatment with a mask or peel is a great one x

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