Back to Basics: Sunday Morning Essentials

After getting ready for a big Saturday night out, the bathroom is always is a state of disarray. Bottles, tubes and their lids have parted company, waiting to be reunited. A cleanser is sitting next to a primer, a moisturiser next to an exfoliator, all waiting for some manner of normality and regularity to be resumed on Sunday morning as I sort through the effects of last night’s apparent hurricane that swept its way through the bathroom… and let’s not even talk about the dressing room! 

But before I can even begin to face the aftermath, there are three things I reach for to feel vaguely human again. My Philip Kingsley Paddle Brush has obviously seen better days; its battered corners have many a tale to tell of rushed hair-do’s resulting in dropped brushes (sometimes on toes – ouch!), but there’s nothing better than a Sunday morning self-prescribed head massage; the well spaced rounded pins literally caress and invigorate the scalp, navigating their way through any tangles without causing any pain to an already sore (self-inflicted) head and the antistatic properties ensure that fly away hair is not a problem that’s laying itself at my path.

I’m a huge believer in taking daily care of my dental health, mostly because I’m such a sissy when it comes to pain and the thought of having to visit the dentist for anything other than a check-up spurs me on to keep my teeth and gums in the best shape possible. Given the choice, I’ll reach for an electronic toothbrush over a manual one any day of the week, but when I’m travelling, it’s a bit of a palaver to take the whole kit and kaboodle with me, so this new Slim Sonic Toothbrush has swept it’s way to the to top of my “must pack” pile for when I’m travelling. Bizarrely enough, it’s also my saving grace on a Sunday morning when I’ve forgotten to recharge the big mama of a Sonicare toothbrush – just one little AAA battery and this bad boy is ready for action, zoozjing up my teeth, giving me that fresh-mouth feeling I’m desperate for on a Sunday morning… you know what I mean!

Recently, I happened to be kicking around the Cult Beauty website…as you do….and as I’m already addicted to the the gloriously, intoxicatingly heady (but let’s admit it, rather expensive – £40 for 4grams) kai perfume oil, I thought I’d try the kai deodorant. Admittedly, still not a budget buy at £15, but this is huge, has the same signature kai scent of that mix white flowers and is sulphate, paraben and aluminium free. Even better, my pits are being cared for as well, with vitamin E, chamomile, plant extracts and naturally conditioning sugars all moisturising as they keep me smelling fresh. And as it’s translucent, there’s no danger of staining my clothes or those awful white marks. Did I mention it’s rather huge too, so this is going to last and last.

I’m actually rather obsessed with this, and it’s all I can do to stop sniffing away at my armpits throughout the day when I need a pick-me-up whiff of the stuff…perhaps it’s time to invest in another of the perfumed oils, methinks?


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