Can you name a beauty product that’s not only been around for 128 years, but is also still considered the epitome of kind? There aren’t many, I’ll grant you. Which makes the iconic Mason Pearson brushes all the more….well, iconic.

Handmade since 1885, with not very many changes at all, these brushes are considered the best brushes you can buy for your hair’s health. They are also considered purchases, an investment in good hair, with their hefty price tags. So when I saw two (the very last two, in fact) of them in my local independent pharmacy at a ridiculously reduced price, I snapped them up quicker than you could say “blow-dry”.

The rubber-cushioned pad, pioneered by the brand, much copied but not really equalled, holds the bristles that massage and stimulate the scalp with every stroke. There’s a choice of natural pure bristle, all nylon and a mix of the two – mine are the Large Extra size in pure boar bristle and the Military style (no handle) in the nylon/bristle mix, partly because I wanted to try both, but mostly because that was what was available! (Pure Boar Bristle is best for fine to normal hair, the mix best for normal to thicker hair).

I love the feeling of massage the brushes give and the sheen they impart as the brushing/massaging action distributes the hair glands’ natural sebum along the hair shaft. (You’ve also got to love a brand that has so much pride in their product that they include a special cleaning tool in there too, to make sure you take as much care of your new baby as they would… or is that just the beauty geek in me?)

The only reason I hadn’t bought these before was the prohibitive price, but at half price (and less for the bigger brush) it was rude not to, don’t you think?

What have been your best beauty bargain steals?

Mason Pearson Large Military Brush, £99, available here
Mason Pearson Pure Bristle Large Brush, £90, available here


  1. 30 October 2013 / 4:28 pm

    Nice One. 128 Years for a brush. Awesome

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