You’ll pardon the pun, I’m sure, but for some girls, nail length is all important. Falsies, gels, acrylics, tips or au naturel. The longer, the better. Me? I love the elegance a slightly longer nail brings to the hand. The seemingly elongated fingers look so beautifully old-world Hollywood feminine. But there’s only so long I can go without it impacting on my typing speed (and accuracy!), and there’s nothing as annoying as the constant click-click-clicking on the keyboard.

For me, the ideal nail is just beyond the edge of the fingertip (want numbers? I’d say around 2mm) and nicely squoval. Yes, I know the current trend is to take them to a long filed-off point, and while I’d love that, it’s also not too computer-friendly. Maybe if I ever give up the writing. Yeah, right. My nails have always grown strong and long, (sorry) but if yours could do with some help, read on.

In the interests of research, I’ve been trying out a few beauties in the hope of improving the strength and growth rate of my talons, recording any perceptible differences along the way and I’m pleased to report that yes, a little extra TLC goes a long way. *By the way, I don’t normally grow my nails this long – this was just to show you would-be disbelievers out there the difference this makes!*

Dr Lewinn’s Renunail* is all-hallowed in the world of manicures, and the difference to my nails has been amazing. Growth rate off the scale. Strength to rival Thor. Even surfaces; no ridges here. This here is Baby Bio for your nails. I do love my OPI nail colours, but their Nail Envy did nothing for me. Sorry, OPI. This treatment, though, gets a 10 out of ten. Two coats at the beginning of the week, a coat every day, take it all off at the end of the week and start again. Four weeks later and BAM! Try it and tell me you didn’t love it too!

If your cuticles aren’t looking too cute, then check out the new range of serums from Superdrug. Yes, nails get serums too. And why not? We load serums onto our face and hair. Shouldn’t our darling little cuticles be treated the same way? Especially when we subject them to daily nail varnish changes, glitter varnishes and all manner of other abuse.

The Cuticle Serum gently exfoliates, moisturises and nourishes, the Strength Serum strengthens (duh!) and seals in moisture so that nails are more flexible and resilient to everyday life. Used twice a day (I had to set an alarm on my phone or I’d forget), I could see the results in a week, especially around the cuticles. Fab for those with the patience of a gnat. And for only £3.99 each? Yes please!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to shorten and paint those nails…there’s typing to be done, don’t you know!


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