There’s nothing I love more than a relaxing evening in front of the TV painting my nails. But the likelihood of waking up with smooth, glossy nails that haven’t been ruined by a night’s sleep is less than minuscule, so the idea of a gel-based maincure has always appealed. Three weeks of chip-free nails that are as glossy as the day they were ‘done’…what’s not to like? But there’s the rub. Three weeks committed to the same mani? No thank you. I like playing with different colours too much to stay true one colour, but most of all, I’m just not high maintenance enough to trek to my nail salon that regularly. 

So a gel polish that I can do at home, without the need for a cumbersome UV curing contraption seems like the perfect compromise. And in my book, buffing my nails just to apply a mani is a definite no no. Gel Perfect applies just like regular nail varnish, no controversial UV light needed, and stays perfect until you take it off. All the comfort of my own living room. Alternating a clear activator coat with the colour is easy enough and once it’s time to remove, that’s super easy to do too. Simply open up the long edge of the nail varnish remover included in the kit, place your fingernails against the pre-impregnanted pad, and two minutes later, voila! Nails are clean of product, no harmful buffing required! Well ok then, you’ll need to just make sure the edges and corners of your nails are clear, but that’s not such a hardship, is it?

The colour range is impressive – I’m wearing Sugar Plum, the perfect autumnal shade, but I’m eyeing up a fair few others. And the staying power? Let’s just say that the photo above was taken eight days after the Gel Perfect had been applied – not a chip, not a smudge nor a dulling in sight. 

A new love affair for the nails? I think so.



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