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Just a mere glance through the blog or my Twitter feed will tell you that I’m a huge fan of the By Terry range of cosmetics and skincare. True, their hefty  price tags do not necessarily make them for a daily purchase for most of us, but every now and again, the sheer luxury and efficacy makes a splurge worthwhile.

True beauty aficionados will already by familiar with the By Terry name. Even if you can’t afford the products, I’ll bet there are one or two from the range you’ll have at the top of a wishlist somewhere. So when I was invited to meet Terry de Gunzburg at the launch of her new fragrance line, I was “Terrybly” excited.

Y’all know by now, I’m a bit of a By Terry groupie. Her eyebrow pen, the Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow pencils, the foundations, two of which were featured in my Top Ten video (HERE) and the newest launch, the Densiliss foundation, threatening to be a top favourite too…and of course, the Light Expert (Terry is the beauty genius who developed the iconic Touche Éclat for YSL). Have I waxed lyrical enough?

Terry’s favourite combination 

I love these worn together too!
The new line of fragrances has been twelve years in the making. Not until Terry felt it was perfect was she prepared to launch the “smellies” under her name. Which says a great deal about her ethos. Five delicous scents, each of which are pure artistry, crafted from the best raw materials sourced internationally to Terry’s exacting specifications.

The five Eau de Parfums are all beguiling in the extreme. Ombre Mercure combines iris, rose (of course), violet, ylang-ylang and jasmine for a strongly seductive scent and is definitely for the woman who loves a strong fragrance.  Parti Pris is fresh, light and fizzy, with tuberose, orange blossom, and Turkish rose anchored by smoked vetiver and sandalwood. Light and floral, this makes for an easy, every day scent. Lumière d’Épices is the most citrusy of the collection, with zesty blood orange, grapefruit and bergamot, bedding down into clove and earthy woods for depth. Rêve Opulent is a much sweeter, gardenia scent, with jasmine, rose and orange blossom keeping the freshness element. The addition of cinnamon gives the perfume a cheeky little spicy facet that makes it so more-ish. Flagrant Délice is almost edible, it’s so delicious. Almond, fig, red currant and tonka bean combine for the most delectable scent of all, and one I can see myself wearing on a very regular basis.

And did you check out the bottles? Those beautiful bulbous, shiny lids are so invitingly tactile, I just want to hold one for stress relief. Terry loves them so much, (“they are designed the same shape as the compacts in my makeup line”), she uses them as paper weights and for general decoration. Love her!

Of course, I had to ask Terry which one is her favourite, quite expecting her to say she couldn’t possibly choose just one. Actually, her favourites are Flagrant Délice and Ombre Mercure, cocktailed together, “for a scent that is so completely personal to the wearer – the natural ingredients meld into the skin, each element taking on it’s own personality”.

One (or two) for the Christmas wish list, perhaps?



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  1. Anonymous
    27 October 2013 / 5:43 pm

    U look stunning in blue.u should wear blue more often.and do ur hair like that too.adeela xx

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