The launch of a new haircare range always brings out the little girl in me. Will this be the one that transforms my hair? Will this be “the thing” to finally banish the frizz?

The latest addition to the shower shelf is the fabulously conceived Concoction Mixology range. When I got my little paws on this, I couldn’t wait to play mad scientist with it, white coat not obligatory.

Available in two of my favourite store, Selfridges and Beauty Mart in Harvey Nichols, this is a luxurious range that presents bespoke hair care you can control yourself. Rather like fixing yourself a cheeky little cocktail on a summer’s evening, this allows you to literally create your own potion depending on your hair’s needs. Just choose your base Shampyou (cool play on words) add in any 2 of the eight available serum shots, mix it up, Tom Cruise style (anyone else remember that Cocktail film?) and there you are, your own personal concoction.

Apparently, there are 256 possible permutations, so whatever your needs, you’ll be able to mix up accordingly. There are serums based on colour (brunette, blonde, and redhead) and hair type (volume, straightening, curls, moisture or a detox).

Conditioner-wise, there is just the one, the Creme de Concoction Conditioner, but oh, what a one! Supremely conditioning, rich and plush, I’ve used it four times and I can already see the difference in my hair. My tip is to leave it in for ten minutes, much like a hair mask, if you can bear the wait. The results are incredible – soft, shiny, silky hair. And both the shampoo and condition smell ah-maze-ing!

The pair will cost you £28 (£14 for the shampoo base and 2 serums and £14 for the conditioner), which isn’t too bad, considering this is luxury haircare. My only one niggle would be the inclusion of the SLS in the shampoo base. I’ve been using mainly SLS-free shampoos, so the huge amount of bubbles and foam was rather surprising – fun, but I’d rather not have the  SLS in than have the lather. 

Now to keep it away from prying hands in the shower… after all, this is blended just for me!




  1. 11 October 2013 / 6:24 pm

    Sounds amazing, let us know the results.

    • 15 October 2013 / 10:19 pm

      Thanks Sinead, It’s not the cheapest, certainly, but it’s seems to be doing the job so far 🙂

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