So you’re all set for this evening? Got your vampire teeth ready to sink into the nearest inviting neck? Got your fake blood dribbling down your chin? Your talons sharpened to oblivion? After spooking the life out of everyone you’ll be wanting to take all that Halloween makeup off quickly and completely. 
Now, you could go the high tech route, with some cleansing oil or balm or some such whatever. Or you could use what I plan to use and go old school, classic and proven again and again. 

Back in the day, I used to tread the boards on a very regular basis. In fact, that was my first love, and if it hadn’t been for a particularly academic school life, acting is what I’d be doing right now. Of course, it could be said I’m a bit of a drama queen on a daily basis, but I digress! Pancake makeup, layered on thick and strong to withstand the stage lights, can be a bit of a devil to remove. And after having worn such a lot of make up, the last thing you want to be doing is rubbing and scrubbing. Bit like Halloween, eh? 

So for me, there is no other option for this evening’s make-up removal. It just has to be Pond’s Cold Cream. There is nothing as creamy and effective for whisking off a shed-load of make-up with minimum fuss and it will even take off waterproof mascara. And the nostalgia level is so high! I just open the tub and immediately the smell takes me back to my school days and even further back, to the smell of my mother – I’ll bet your mother or grandmother used to use this? Slap this on, let it sink in and melt away your makeup, dirt and grime. It’s so versatile that you can either tissue this off or, for a really deep cleanse, use a hot wet flannel. And for a skin softening treatment, a thick layer left on for ten minutes and wiped away reveals a dewy softness you forgot you had! 

So after tricking and treating my neighbours, I’ll be treating my skin to a bit of this tonight.  



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