If you saw my holiday video (link here), you’ll know that I literally took the kitchen sink with me on holiday. I’m almost kind of embarrassed to admit how much stuff I took (never mind the amount of beauty bits I bought while I was out there Sephora, I blame you entirely! Watch out for a holiday shopping video soon, with a giveaway too…hint hint!)
So I thought a little series of posts to highlight the beautys that really are worth the luggage space might be in order…who knows, it might save you the headache of packing never-to-be-used items next time you’re jetting off.

These two beauties for the hair were actaully items I bought while I was out there. As I couldn’t bring my bottle of Kahina Pure Argan Oil* (too big for cabin luggage, sadly), I bought myself the Galénic Argan Oil (a French brand) from a Spanish pharmacy. Sadly, also too big to bring back – plus ça change! Meant to be misted over the body for supersoft skin, I found this was the perfect antidote to the salty sea  hair and the harmful effects of the sun. Sprayed into wet hair after a shower, it left me with just seriously moisturised hair – no greasy lank locks here. 

And will you look at that comb! Of course, I forgot to bring my EcoTools wide-toothed comb with me, so this little beauty was also bought (at a different pharmacy). Can you tell I spent half the holiday in different pharmacies and Sephora?! Together, this awesome duo sorted out knots, tangles and parched hair woes in a flash… and when you have hair this long, you really need all the help you can get!



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