The Problem-Solver: Illamasqua Perfect Mix Skin Base Set

You know the feeling. You’ve searched high and low, swatched away like your life depended on it, and sung hallelujah when you finally found it. The perfect foundation colour. It matches your tone, your shade and the level of coverage you dream of. Until.

Along comes the sun, a much needed tan and poof! All your hard work is undone in just a few bright rays. And so it starts all over again. And that’s what I’m faced with every year. With my Indian skin tone, all it takes is a measly ten minutes, even in the weak London sun, for me to catch a tan. Sounds great you might think, but what it does is force me to rethink foundation (and other makeup) well before I’d really like to.

Of course, the obvious solution is to mix up my own ever-changing shade so the Illamasqua Perfect Mix set is a godsend. Three shades that, individually, look totally unsuitable for my skin, but mixed together…oh la la!  Just a little dollop of each of the three shades blend together for a radiant, illuminating finish. For you Illamasqua aficionados, the shades in this kit are Skin Base 01, 11US and Amber – which is exclusive to this kit. Amber is a gorgeous warm shade that really brings the skin to life. Medium skin tones through to Middle Eastern and Indian skin tones are going to love this and I don’t think I can be without the Amber shade ever again (nothing to do with the similarity to my name, I promise!) Bought together, the set costs £75 which is a £6 saving on buying the three shades separately. Not to be sniffed at.

These three beauties blend so beautifully, I might even try my hand at the KK contoured look with this set; you have been warned.

Perfect Mix? Perfect Fit!


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