Summer nails are a total and utter joy to me. Bright happy colours that make me feel all’s right with the world. 

Bourjois’ Coral Magique from the 1 Second Gel collection is a glorious shimmery peach, perfect for tanned fingers and long hot summer nights.  Easy to apply, the brush fan effect brush just glides over the nail in one sweep, making a ten-digit paint job a breeze to do.  The hint of a golden glint is just enough to add a little sparkle that catches the eye as the sun goes down.

It’s just one of the the fabulous colours I’ve got on rotation this summer (you can see Rose Cupcake, the pinker shade from the same collection, in my last video here). Essie’s Watermelon is a classic summer shade and I defy you not to have it in your collection. The sheer pink Essence and classic creamy-clear Isadora shades are a couple I bought while here on holiday for a bit of a nude alternative when the situation arises (I’m still waiting!)

What are your go-to shades for summer nails?




  1. 22 August 2013 / 8:07 am

    I don’t really like peach shades on me which is a shame as there are some pretty colours out there. I tend to go for blues, reds and oranges 🙂

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