I’m going to go out on a limb here. 1) You’re more than a little fed up with the excessive amounts of photoshopping, retouching and airbrushing in all the images you see. 2) You tend to stick to the same-ish colours in your daily makeup. 3) You’d like to get out of your rut and try a little something new, but don’t have the confidence to do it, and all those uber-perfect women in the ads staring out you don’t help.

Which is why I applaud the No7 Ta Dah! campaign to show women au naturel. Not without any makeup, you understand. We’re talking good makeup, good lighting and good photography. But no airbrushing. No surreptitious painting over those fine lines and blemishes. Sure, they’ll be covered up good and proper with the right concealer but in theory, that’s nothing you or I couldn’t achieve with the right tools and products.

It’s a movement that’s beginning to take hold, albeit in small ways. Boots’ instore magazine hasn’t airbrushed their models for the last couple of years, and this latest Ta Dah! campaign carries on the same vein. Chezza has forgone the false lashes and the airbrushing for her L’Oreal campaigns (yup, she really is that pretty, no fair!) and maybe we’ll see more companies follow these leads. It can only be a good thing. For too long women have felt quite rightly, that the images they see are unattainable, unreasonable and actually, a bit of a con.

So here’s the new campaign featuring not models, but real women, which you may already have seen on TV, and a short little video of me having a bit of a No7 makeover to find my own Ta Dah! moment. If you’re heading over to a Boots store anytime soon, check out the in-store posters – you’ll these beautiful women lines, freckles blemishes and all. 

And isn’t that just how beauty should be?

ps right now, Boots is doing a “buy 1, get the 2nd half price” on all No7 goodies…


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  1. 26 August 2013 / 10:39 am

    I love this! I think these days we are so used to seeing airbrushing that it becomes the norm. I love how Boots are doing this campaign, and I always do love their messages and campaigns.

    Miss Stylicious

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