The Heroes: Beauty Sleep Necessities

Holidays are my time to be a little self-indulgent. Lots of good (healthy and not-so!) food, lounging by the pool (in between swimming a few lengths) and catching up on some much needed sleep. But what if all conspires against me in my pursuit of a good night’s sleep? Taking no chances this year, I’ve brought along the necessaries. * Disclaimer: OK, I might be a bit of a princess when it comes to my sleep*

In an ideal world, I’d take my pillow everywhere I travel. I’ve even bought a space-saving-vacuum-bag thingy to compress the thing down to its teeniest tiniest dimensions, but my inability to pack light means I’ve never actually been able to go through with it. So I’ve done the next best thing. This year, I’ve brought along my silk pillowcase to go over any pillow that’s metaphorically thrown at me. No matter what pillowcase I have to endure, I have softness enveloping my cheeks; home from home!

The one thing I never travel without is my trusty earplugs. And these Quies Wax Earplugs are the best! Blocking out all sounds, I can sleep like a baby through just about any noise weaving its way through my window or bedroom door. Go for wax earplugs every time, don’t even bother with the silicone or foam ones. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. I swear by Quies, but they’re not always that easy to get hold of, so just as good (although more expensive) are the Boots Muffles Wax Earplugs.

Whichever ones you get, as long as they are pure wax, you’ll be sleeping soundly. 

Beauty sleep dose guaranteed.



    • August 18, 2013 / 9:12 pm

      Thank you Charlotte, I’ll definitely take a look!

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