Now that my hair is long and lush (thanks to Viviscal and a whole host of other heros that shall grace these pages soon) it’s time to make the most of my locks. Thankfully, BeautyMart have come to the rescue just in time, with the gorgeous Charmsies that they’ve brought over from the States just for us UK-based beauty obsessives.

Cute little metallic gold, silver and rose gold coloured “stickers” that are ironed onto the hair (using a straightener, not your household iron!) decorate the hair whereever you want them – I’ll be wearing mine throughout the length of the hair – so that they catch the light whenever I swish & swirl, for some added beach time (and evening) glamour. They even look great on up-do’s and they last for upto five days even through (careful) hair washes!

They seem really simple to apply – I think even I could do it! Basically, you take the backing sheet off the stickers, place it on the hair, and iron it in with a low-temperature hair straightener. After tapping along the sheet (to make sure the stickers are attached to the hair and not to the sheet) peel the sheet off the hair and voila! Fairytale hair in flash!

These are definitely going to find a place in my luggage this year, and I’ll induce hair envy where ever I go! 

You can find them at Beauty Mart stores and here.


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