There’s nothing I like better to do on a Sunday than to potter around the house, organising my things, wearing all manner of face masks with which to scare anyone who comes my way! It’s the perfect antidote to the rushing around of the week. This week’s mask comes from the new-ish brand Clayspray. I have to say, I was a little apprehensive when I heard the name – I had visions of literally spraying my face with a mist of clay, and knowing my aiming skills, ending up with it all over my hair and bathroom! But I’m happy to report that both hair and bathroom are doing fine!

The clay masque is squeezed out easily using the pump and it’s applied to moist or wet skin with the fingers (or brush if you prefer) so there’s minimum waste and mess – no tube to leave open and dry out! The mineral rich Pore Refining Clay Masque comes from Spain and is infused with cardamom and spring water. My skin’s taking a bit of a “funny turn” at the moment, so any help it can get with renewing and clarifying is welcomed with open arms, and this bad boy has earned it’s place in my bathroom. After only three uses, my skin feels softer, looks smoother, and yes, the pores are actually looking smaller – yay! It’s not all just marketing talk, it actually works!

It’s not cheap at £44.50 for 125ml, but the canister should give you around 17 facials. At £2.62 a pop, it doesn’t sound all that bad!

What’s your favourite, go-to masque?




  1. July 21, 2013 / 10:51 pm

    All your photos are amazing! I put on a mask today. Sundays are perfect for it 🙂 I use one by Clarins. It’s amazing!
    Adela x

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