The Nails: L’Oreal Neons…Perfect Pops of Colour!

Well, the sun’s showing no signs of going away (fingers crossed) so these are the perfect shades to adorn your fingers, especially if you’re festival-bound!

All the shades apply really easily, including the rather intimidating yellow shade, and that’s not something you can usually say of yellow varnishes in general! Although I wouldn’t normally recommend wearing four different colours on your nails, I have to say the number of compliments I got on the concoction make me want to repeat the mix! Perhaps it just reminded everyone of ice-creams and Refreshers?

I’m in love with the names too! The Yellow shade (834) is called Banana Pop, the Purple (828) Flashing Lilac, the Green (833) Wasabi Hint and the pretty Pink (827) is called Acid Watermelon. They’re not all as neon as the marketing would have you believe, but I think that makes them even more wearable.

What do you think? Will you be brightening up your nails with a bit of neon?



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