Lips have been something of an obsession in recent times. Not staring uncomfortably at other people’s lips, although I’ll admit to a little lip envy whenever I spy the utterly gorgeous ad for Dior Addict featuring the even more gorgeous Daphne Groeneveld. No, I mean more in terms of wearing a different lipstick everyday for my #ALipADay year of lipsticks that I’m currently pouting my way through.

With different brands, shades, formulations and price points, there’s something new everyday. Which is as it should be, I say. So many different ones to choose from, it would be rude not to. But this weekend, I found myself doing something I hadn’t done before. I fell so hard in love with a lipstick that I found it impossible to tear myself away. Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Lip Shines were my drug of choice,  Techno Jam and Poppy Shock presenting themselves as my two fixes. 

Yes that’s right, two consecutive days of the same brand and formulation of lipstick and I loved them! These petite tubes of colour are hard to describe. As longwearing as a stain, yet glossy and not at all drying like some stains I’ve used. As shiny as a gloss, yet applies like a lipstick. As moisturising as a balm yet so much colour! Sheer when used as quick swipe over the lips, and full-on glamour when layered up, yet always lightweight. And best of all? Incredibly long-lasting….these babies lasted through canapes, dinner, drinks and coffee, with just a quick reapplication at the end of evening for that requisite photo with the besties!

Techno Jam is a deep cherry red, vibrant with a slight tinge of blue, but nothing that makes it too scary to wear. I wore it heavy with smokey eye for high voltage glamour. Not much more to say about this one other than I love it!

Poppy Shock is a lovely, wearable orange that looks much more opaque in the tube than it is in real life. Maybe it’s because of my natural lip colour, but I found this one harder to layer up for the instant intensity that I achieved with Techno Jam, but I’m not complaining. Too much orange would be hard to wear. This is how orange on the lips should be. 

Translucently pigmented (oxymoron alert!), this is what summer lips are all about. It’s the Revlon Lip Butter, all grown up and come of age. At £19.50, the Pure Color Lip Shine is not something you might throw into your shopping basket without thinking about it, but I think I can make a safe bet that once you’ve bought one, you’ll be back for more!



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