There’s very little that’s as decadent as having someone come to you in your home (or place of work) and give you a little pampering. Whether its a quick mani/pedi, a full body massage or waxing, what better than to finish your treatment and not have to trudge your way back home… because, hey, you’re already there! So I was already loving the concept of Milk Beauty, a mobile beauty therapy service, before Lucy even showed up at my door.

I was to have an Environ Active Vitamin Facial which incorporates a soothing face mask, lots of Vitamins A and C and antioxidants that are pushed deep into the skin using electrical pulses and soundwaves, all of which promise to deliver radiant, dewy skin. Collagen production is stimulated, elasticity and hydration are boosted, and skin tone is evened out.

All lovely, but what you really want to know is…. what’s with the mask in the photo above and what’s all this about soundwaves and an electrical current?

First off, let me tell you, this is not one of those pampering, softly softly facials. This bad boy comes to you dressed in a suit with power shoulders, double breasted and sharp creases in its trousers. This facial mean business. (And yet I managed to drift off and had a little snooze!) After a thorough consultation about my skin, how I feel about it, what I feel the issues and concerns are, Lucy used Environ products to thoroughly cleanse my face (including a clay exfoliating mask that binds with the pre-cleansing oil to lift off dead skin cells), and then Vitamin A and C serum onto any visible lines (such as smile lines, around the eyes and on the forehead). Then the pièce de résistance! An algae mask is applied ALL OVER the face, including over the eyes and mouth – this is not one for the claustrophobic! The soundwaves and electrical current are applied through little wires attached to the mask which act to push the serum deeper into the layers of the skin.

While this might sound rather daunting, it was actually very relaxing, knowing that I couldn’t speak for twenty minutes; it was almost like meditating. Once the mask was removed, moisturiser and RAD SPF15 was applied, I was left with glowing skin… even a facial junkie like me could see the difference.

I’ve since been using the Environ products morning and night and the difference in my skin is palpable. Friends are asking me what I’ve had “done”, I use less make-up as I just don’t need as much, and my skin feels smooth, soft and toned. You can read about the skincare products I used in this post here – LINK.

This was a press trial, but it’s very reasonably priced, so I think I may book some more, as a course of 6-12 is recommended. The facial I had was £55 with Milk Beauty and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone who feels their skin needs a boost.


*press trial

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