The Nails: Revlon…. Dare to be a Work of (Nail) Art

Nail art fascinates me. The time it takes to create a masterpiece, ten times over, the intricacy and the limitless imagination to come up with different designs never fails to amaze me. But most of all, it’s because I’m less than useless at creating any nail art myself. Even the relatively easy white-tipped French manicure has me reaching for the nail varnish remover in frustration. I’ve recently bought some nail art dotting tools, but can’t quite get my right hand done properly, having been a confirmed “righty” all my life.

The new Nail Art pens from Revlon have been a little bit of a godsend. Double-ended little barrels filled with coordinating colours, one with a regular sized brush and one with a super-fine brush to create the design, these are set to make my nail painting life a little easier.

The nails you see above (very first photo) were not, sadly, created by me but by the talented Chisato at the launch of these little beauties. Using the Silhouette duo, she painted my nails in what may possibly be my perfect nude shade of all time, and then the half moon and nail-tip in the gold. I was in love. I stared at my fingers the whole way home, ignoring the weird looks I got on the tube as I gazed adoringly at my hands. Even better, the work of art lasted a whole week before I had to change it, and only because I needed to try something new!

And as I couldn’t bear to change my nail colour, I had a very willing model who offered her services for me to try out some of the other shades… and I only had to pay her in sweeties!

Although I’ve only got a small selection (shown above), there are seven shades in the Nail Art Expressionist collection (with the ultra-fine brush), seven shades in the Moon Candy collection, featuring a colour at one end and a glitter top coat at the other, and six shades in the Neon collection, perfect for the summer festival season.  And the best bit? They’re only £7.99 each! It’s like being a kid in a sweetie shop… oh wait, that’s how I “paid” my model!


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