They say never judge a book by it’s cover, but how many times have you done just that? Hands up if that’s you too. So when I heard the name Celgenics and saw the beautiful clean white and silver lines of the packaging of this new-ish range of skincare, (it launched 2 years ago) I assumed that this was a range of products developed by some faceless scientist in a laboratory full of ingredients with unpronoucable names that wouldn’t be out of place in a room full of NASA scientists. 

How wrong I was.

While the skincare range uses cutting edge sicentific technology, it is rooted firmly in the world of complementary health care. Marian Bourne, the creator of the brand, has years of experience as a Kinesiologist, a Cranio Sacral practitioner and a Nutritional Therapist based in a charming setting in Wimbledon. Toxicity, and the elimination of it in our food, skincare and anything we come into contact with, has played a huge part in the treatment of her patients, so by making up creams specifically for each one that was suited to their skin type, Marian saw a huge improvement in their health. 

Just as important as what goes into the creams is what doesn’t; no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulphates or other chemicals and spring water, not distilled. What really sets the products apart from other ranges was the inclusion of the Natural Vibrational Energy from homeopathic remedies, crystals, cold laser and flower essences, and because of this energy, the products work with the electromagnetic field of the body.

A Celgenics Couture Facial with Marian Bourne seemed the perfect introduction to the products and the ethos behind it and it was unlike any other facial I’ve experienced. Rather than the normal series of cleansing, toning, moisturising, mask etc. the facial incorporated not only Marian’s Celgenics products but also the very unique hands-on massage based on Ayurvedic healing techniques. Based also on the ancient Chinese concept of chi (or qi), the repetitive fingertip massage on specific energy points increases the flow of energy to release stress and tightness in the facial muscles to improve lymphatic drainage, flexibility and suppleness, leaving the skin looking plumped. 

Starting with a thorough cleanse and tone, Marian used a cold laser to literally push light into the skin cells (and help with the lymphatic drainage). Then I had an hour of facial massage, with lots of lifting and sculpting movements that had immediate, visible results. After completing one side of the face, I could literally see the difference, the eye, eyebrow and cheek looked higher – I just wish I had taken a photograph to show you. After completing the other side, Marian finished the facial with a tightening mask that she mixed to suit my skin’s particular needs, and some moisturiser and eye cream to complete the experience.

I loved the feel of the products, including a very nourishing new facial oil and the Eye Essential eye cream, which I’m really hoping to get hold of (it won the hallowed Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Award for Best Eye Cream in 2011). I’ll review it here when I do.

I felt thoroughly relaxed and uplifted and my skin felt rejuvenated firm and smooth after my facial. The hour long tube journey just flew by as I literally floated home!

You can find out more about the skincare (and there’s loads more to find out) at about Marian at


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