A while ago, you may remember that I went along to a skin clinic to try out an Oxygen Infusion, which you can read about by clicking this LINK HERE. Dr Rabia Malik, the cosmetic doctor who gave me the Intraceuticals Infusion, has a particular stance on skin rejuvenation and how to achieve the best your skin can be. Turning her back firmly on the Botox and filler route, she has decided to focus on the different approaches available to achieve healthy, radiant, luminous skin, tackling ageing, acne, pigmentation and a whole host of skin issues without the use of injectibles or any form of surgical intervention. Which makes her pretty unique in London, I think!

So I asked her if she would write a few guest posts for the blog, featuring her approach to the different ways to address skin issues and she said yes! If you’re waivering on the line of going the injectibles route or staying natural, take a read before you make your mind up which way to go.

Check back tomorrow for her first guest post, all about how to achieve skin that radiates with that red-carpet A-list glow!

Dr Rabia Malik will hopefully be writing a feature once a month, so if there’s anything in particular you’d like her to address, leave me a comment below or email me directly and I’ll pass it on to her.


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  1. 7 March 2013 / 10:49 pm

    Question: is there a way to manage/lessen or prevent the outbreak of milia on the skin with daily skincare regime?

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