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I’ve been known to get a little arty and crafty in my time. I can sew, knit, crotchet, draw and paint – obviously I had a well-spent youth! But so far, I’ve not really turned my hand to nail art….yet! Even nail wraps have me fazed! Most nail wraps leave me all thumbs, fuming as I get the little blighters twisting and turning in my hands, sticking to all sorts of places they shouldn’t… you know what I mean. So far, I’ve given them a rather wide berth, but now, I’ve found a brand that even I can get right!

The beautiful nails you see above are designed by NCLA, and are available on I’m a bit of a sucker for lace in general, I’ve got lace shoes, lace bags, lace saris, lace scarves and I’ve lost count of how may lace dresses and tops I own, so this design just had my name written all over it. It’s called I Am Your Muse and it’s just divine! Unlike some wraps, these were really easy to apply (a tip from the lovely Lex at Cult Beauty: instead of trying remove the individual nail sticker from the surround, remove the surround as in the third photo below – makes it so much easier!)

I write this after having worn the wraps for 8 days (including three days of constant washing-up!) and they lasted amazingly well. I waved them goodbye only because there was a queue of nails colours calling out to be worn!

I’m really excited to try some of the other designs andĀ perhapsĀ even give some of the other nail wrap brands a try.

Any recommendations for me?


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  1. April 2, 2013 / 10:29 am

    Dear I say this product is ‘heaven sent’ for a mum like me! I reckon I can do this with the kids crawling over me and look trendy when I do pop out with or without the kids ;0)

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