The Nails: Zoya Spring Colours

Little glimpses of the sun are proof positive that Spring is around the corner so I feel duty bound to start wearing the new shades to welcome in the coming season.

These are the gorgeous pastels with a shimmery twist from nail specialist Zoya. There are 6 beautiful shades including Piaf, a metallic yellow, Blu, a cream hyacinth blue, Neely, a glorious spring green and Jacqueline, a classic magnolia nude shade.

GieGie – two coats

The two I have in my little mitts are GieGie, a perfect shimmery cherry blossom pink, and Julie, a delightful shimmering lilac. Both are full coverage, look perfect with two coats and mange to be extremely glossy even though they have the metallic shimmer running through them.

Zoya is a such a well-kept secret amongst nail aficionados… but they have over 300 shades and each and every one is free from the harmful ingredients sometimes found in nail varnishes. You can find the whole range at

Which colours will be adorning your nails this spring?



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