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#ALipADay Challenge – Week 18

Well, I’m embarassed to say I’m only just posting Week 18 now, with Week 19 coming to a close tomorrow, but some weeks, I guess it just goes like that.So, without further ado, here’s the lip line-up for this past week – looking over it now, I can see a seriously strong pink theme running through it. I can only imagine it was the aura of Valentine infusing itself surreptitiously…
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The Nail: OPI The Thrill of Brazil

Well, really, very little needs to be said about this one. It ticks all the boxes. The Thrill of Brazil by OPI. Classic red shade. Classic OPI formula. Goes on like a dream. Fabulous coverage even with just one coat (this is two, sandwiched between a base and top coat). Super glossy. Fabulous self-correction. Dries quickly. And I love it! What are you wearing on your nails this week?
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The Heroes: Eye Make-Up Removers

I’ve recently been getting braver and more experimental with my eye makeup (watch out for a lovely new Provoke Cosmetics palette that I’ll be giving a whirl very soon), but none of my efforts so far have been as brave or as “out there” as my recent eye make-up for a masquerade party, which you can read about here and here.While the make-up was immense fun to wear, what goes on…
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The Icon: Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 10th Birthday!

There aren’t many products that I come back to time and and time again, but one that I would never be without is Elemis’ Pro Collagen Marine Cream. Many’s the time it’s saved my skin, brought it back from beyond the brink and made me feel good about myself. So I’m not in the last bit surprised that this little “miracle” cream is currently celebrating its 10th birthday.Apparently, there is…
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