The Skin: Merumaya Integrative Effective Skincare

If there was ever a year to champion the British home-grown brand, then 2012 was definitely that year.  That was the year we showed the world we can still do it, and in some serious style! But there’s no reason to abandon all hope this year, there’s still so much to shout about.

Merumaya is a new skincare range that is truly homegrown and has some serious skincare expertise behind it to boot.  Take a skincare afficianado with 30 years experience in the trade. Add to that a lifelong interest in all things beauty. Mix it all up with an element of entrepreneurship and you have Maleka Dutta and her new, intelligent skincare range, Merumaya.

I’ve got a few skin serums on the go at the moment (which I’ll be doing a round-up review of soon), one of which is the hero product in Merymaya’s range, the Iconic Youth Serum*. This incredibly aspirational name if ever I heard one, gives the serum a whole load to live up to, so I’m pleased to say this day and night serum is all it purports to be. It’s silky smooth on my skin, smells divine and leaves my skin looking hydrated and velvety soft.  Moisturiser goes on over the top beautifully and even when I’m short on time, I really look forward to using the serum, possibly because it smells so damn gorgeous! In fact, when I feel like pampering myself, it’s this one I turn to; I think it’s the glorious, subtle scent that gets me every time.

I’ve also got more than a few eye-creams in rotation (beauty-writer syndrome!), and quite often, when there are so many to try, one or two will inevitably fall by the wayside. Not so the Intensely Youthful Eye Cream*. It really feels like it’s hydrating and plumping my delicate skin without overloading it and it absorbs beautifully, perfect to go under concealer.

Last but not least from my little Merumaya stash is the decadent Melting Cleansing Balm*. This little beauty does exactly what it says on the tin (er, tube?) and more besides.  I love the way it applies; as you massage it into the skin it almost liquifies and becomes more “slippery” as it literally melts away make-up, grime and dirt. I use a dampened microfibre cloth to wipe it (and all that guck) off my face, but you could use the Merumaya Daily Wash Cloths if you wanted. This also smells divine, so that it feels pampering while it’s busy working hard to thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin. And because it’s a balm formula, it’s not stripping the skin of moisture. On the contrary, my skin feels super-soft and moisturised. And the best bit about it all? The range starts at a very modest £12.50 and nothing, not even the fabulous serum, is over £35. 

If you were planning to up your skincare regime but don’t want to spend mega-bucks doing it, this is a great range to try. If nothing else, try the serum – I saw a difference in my skin within a week!

ps it goes into John Lewis Oxford Street and Kingston tomorrow!! UPDATE: it also goes into John Lewis Brent Cross on Sunday 🙂

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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